A brief background

Caring Communication Speech and Language Services (CCSLS) is Private Practice and Non-Public Agency (NPA), registered with the California Department of Education (CDE).  It provides dynamic and comprehensive evaluations in speech and language to individuals, aged 8 through adult, with a specialized focus in Social Communication Disorders.  

Our client-focused mission and values facilitate a focus on communication skills that are necessary to promote social interaction, social-emotional competency,  academic skills, self-esteem, and a focus on the client as a "whole" to build and strengthen the relationships of client-family, client-education, and client-community.  Evaluations are dynamic and customized to fully capture the client's communication abilities and potential.

Our Services

Individual Education Evaluations

Comprehensive and educationally-based Individual Educational Evaluations (IEE) to school districts within the Inland Empire. Potential clients are of typical development, have developmental delays, or a variety of developmental disorders and syndromes, and present with concerns with social interaction.

Private Assessment of Social Communication

Coming Soon...

Comprehensive Social Communication Assessments to clients aged 8 thru Adult.  Private assessments will provide information regarding the strengths and weakness of an individuals ability to interact and engage appropriately with others.

Social Communication Treatment

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Direct Social Communication treatment that is individualized based upon client's need.  Use of a variety of social communication methodologies, which include Social-Cognitive treatment strategies.